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EMILY LIU combines technology, storytelling, and creative direction to build novel methods of interfacing with our environments. Her designs provoke more meaningful conversations and more beautiful relationships with our communities and future.

A community-centered approach to news consumption, designed @ the NYT

product design, blue-sky thinking, dynamic interfaces, social networks


Emily Liu combines software, hardware, and a sensitivity to materials to build novel interactive experiences that enrich our relationships with technology, our communities, and the future. 

A TALKING ELEVATOR, provoking a tale of sentience granted by sensing technologies
machine learning applications, large-scale experiential design, tangible conversational UI

“Haunted” messages awaiting you at the end of an exhibit, with personalized details of your visit and a sentient guestbook. 
intelligent environments, exhibit experiential design, keepsakes 

System-breakdowns at the scale of communities, wicked problems, and local issues
systems mapping, visual design

Playful inqueries of ANTI-ANTHROPOGENIC FUTURES based on the human senses.
speculative design, worldbuilding, multi-media products

yours, emily. march 2024