Emily Liu (she/her) is a designer from the Bay Area, CA.

She believes in resourceful, tasteful, and sincere design, and hones a creative philosophy fond of metaphors, learning through making (playing), and an unrelenting pursuit of beauty. She is especially excited by work relating to new materials, language, and social justice.

Her practice is rooted in finding connection through spaces, because she believes that our environments (and neighbors) can become sources for unconditional love.

She is currently a junior @ Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Environments Design, w/ minors in Human-Computer Interaction + Digital Humanities.

Outside of her own classes, she’s also teaching a course on new ways of designing this semester. And also designing 2023.lunargala.org.

She is constantly seeking uncomplicated joys, pondering why we are the way we are ︎︎︎, and searching for the best croissant in town.

︎ want to chat? She loves talking about drip coffee, analog photography, and the newest A24. Occassionally, design and the future of computing.
send a message to emilyl2@andrew.cmu.edu ︎︎︎