Emily Liu (she/her) is an interaction designer from the Bay Area, CA.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in May 2024 with a major in Environments Design, and concentrations in Human-Computer Interaction + Digital Humanities.

While finishing my senior year at CMU, I interned concurrently @ the NYT, specifically working on storytelling formats and the reader’s experience on the story page. I was living out a childhood dream, helping to bring the world’s most important stories to as many people as possible.

I have not stopped living out this dream. Currently, I am building Muse︎︎︎, a children’s app that carefully and meaningfully empowers kids with Generative AI to write and publish books limited only by their imaginations. It’s part of a vision of a new world where content made for kids is made by kids; a status quo where stories represent vastly diverse backgrounds, families, and challenges. 

My work is often described as poetic and romantic. I would like to contribute to a future where the products and experiences around us feel like they were made by people who truly love us. My practice is rooted in finding connection through spaces — physical and digital, literal and abstract, infinite and intimate — with a relentless belief that our environments (and neighbors!! +1) can become sources for unconditional love.

Feel things fully, give back, learn through making, pursue beauty, and enjoy the uncomplicated joys.

The only thing I love more than a stellar croissant and a cup of light-roast is good conversation. Let’s talk over either :-) send a mesage to emily@joinmuse.ai︎︎︎

yours, emily. march 2024