Emily Liu (she/her) is an interaction designer from the Bay Area, CA. 

I am currently a senior @ Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Environments Design, w/ minors in Human-Computer Interaction + Digital Humanities.

Concurrently, I’m a product design intern @ the NYT, specifically working on new storytelling formats. I’m living out a childhood dream, helping to bring the world’s most important stories to as many people as possible.

All my work is guided by a few beliefs: 

1. Sincerity & brevity. I’m very critical of and commited to the language I use to direct my work. My process genuinely upholds joy and wonder at its forefront. I’m very no-BS about this; I make to see my work experienced, no matter the scale of impact.

2. Extremely high standards. I believe everyone deserves to hold extremely high expectations for the products, services, and experiences around them. It is not only the designer’s job to make tasteful decisions, but for our designed artifacts to push users to refine their own taste. We should always only want the best.

3. I love my world. My practice is rooted in finding connection through spaces, with a relentless belief that our environments (and neighbors!! +1) can become sources for unconditional love.

etc. Feeling things fully, giving back, learning through making, the pursuit of beauty, uncomplicated joys.

The only thing I love more than a stellar croissant and a cup of light-roast is good conversation. Let’s talk over either :-)
send a mesage to emilyl2@andrew.cmu.edu ︎︎︎

yours, emily. august 2023